Guards escort Zoabi out of the Knesse
Guards escort Zoabi out of the Knesse Israel news photo: Flash 90

Arab Knesset Member Hanin Zoabi never fails to shock. This time, she is wired to the word “fascist,’ saying Israel is fascist and so are those who oppose her.

In a lecture to German students in Munich last week, she described what it is to be a “Palestinian in the Israeli parliament,” according to Yediot Acharonot.

Her speech, one of several events arranged by pro-Arab groups in the country, was filled with anti-Israeli epithets.

Israel’s policies are “racist and fascists,” she said, adding for good measure, “There is no true democracy and instead there is a dictatorship under the Jewish majority, which acts to expel Palestinians from their land.”

Several Jewish students arrived at the lecture in order to answer her allegations, and they held up pictures of an Arab who serves in Israel’s High Court and of a former Arab Deputy Foreign Minister to counter Zoabi’s accusations.

She generally ignored most of the questions that objected to her comments, but she also called several questioners “fascists,” which seemed to be her favorite word for the day.