Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan Courtesy

New York attorney Mark Langfan, a staunch supporter of Israel, has joined forces with the Shomron Liaison Office to further the State of Israel's international diplomatic effort.

Over the past decade, Mark Langfan has been gathering and disseminating facts about the strategic value of Judea and Samaria (Yehuda and Shomron) to the State of Israel. He developed a unique presentation using 3D topographical maps and clear overlays - each focusing on a vital need for Israel’s authority in the mountain region.

Basic issues like water, population, and threat of rocket attacks are detailed and accessible for all, through the use of the maps. Their benefits became clear last week during Langfan’s first excursion with the Shomron Liaison Office’s delegation to Italy.

Following a recent successful tour in Israel, during which Langfan presented his research to government officials and foreign diplomats in the Knesset, Langfan went on a fact-finding mission to the Shomron region and met with local leaders, agreeing to join forces for the common goal of protecting Israel's future. 

Last week, Langfan joined a delegation sponsored by Israel's Ministry of Public Diplomacy and led by the head of the Shomron Regional Council, Gershon Mesika. The purpose of the expedition was to connect Israeli wine makers and vine growers with their Italian counterparts. The delegation was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture for the region of Lombardia.

At meetings with officials, Langfan was asked to present his maps in order to communicate Israel’s strategic issues and the importance of Judea and Samaria. Italian officials were surprised to see that Langfan was also equipped with a topographical map of Italy, which demonstrated the similarities of that country’s mountainous region to the north that historically protected Italy’s people from the dangerous barbarians of northern Europe.

Pointing out these similarities proved a quick way to assist the Italians in understanding the realities Israel must consider in its effort to protect its land and people.