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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Friday that she is outraged by reports of a new massacre in Syria.

The Associated Press reported that Clinton demanded that the UN Security Council take action to stop the violence in Syria.

Clinton said in a statement that Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime is deliberately murdering innocent civilians as it tries to put down 16 months of unrest and that history will judge the Security Council if it fails to act.

“History will judge this council,” she said, according to AP. “Its members must ask themselves whether continuing to allow the Assad regime to commit unspeakable violence against its own people is the legacy they want to leave.”

Although she did not mention them by name, Clinton's warning was directed at Russia and China, which have blocked previous UN efforts to impose sanctions on Syria.

Earlier, AP reported, UN chief Ban Ki-moon accused the Syrian government of violating UN resolutions by using heavy weapons against the village of Tremseh, where some reports said as many as 250 were killed.

Ban was quoted by AP as having urged the council to take "collective action" in response.

Ban and Clinton’s condemnations join that of Kofi Annan, the UN special envoy to Syria, who said on Friday he was “shocked and appalled” by the massacre in Tremseh.

Annan cited in a statement “the confirmed use of heavy weaponry such as artillery, tanks and helicopters” in the attack, adding, “This is in violation of the government’s undertaking to cease the use of heavy weapons in population centers.... I condemn these atrocities in the strongest possible terms.”

The Syrian government, as it has done since the beginning of the uprising in the country, blamed the massacre on “terrorists”, which the state SANA news agency claimed “had overrun the village of al-Treimseh in Hama Countryside yesterday, killing or wounding tens of Syrian civilians.”

General Robert Mood, head of UN observer mission in Syria (UNSMIS), said, “From our presence in the Hama province we can verify continuous fighting yesterday in the area of Tremseh.”

He added, “This involved mechanized units, indirect fire as well as helicopters. UNSMIS stands ready to go in and seek verification of the facts, if and when there is a credible ceasefire.”

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