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U.S. real estate guru and CNN and Fox News financial expert, Robert Shemin, is in Israel as part of a world tour of the workshop “The Million Dollar Man.”

Shemin, the author of the New York Times bestseller "How Come THAT idiot is rich and I’m NOT?" is holding two workshops while in Israel. The first workshop, entitled “How to Sell Yourself to Anyone”, was held last week. The advanced workshop, “The Million Dollar Man”, will reveal how to raise enormous sums of money for businesses, investments and projects. It will be held this coming Tuesday.

Arutz Sheva met Shemin on the sidelines of his visit to Israel, and he had some messages to the social protesters, who have recently begun to take to the streets once again, demanding social justice.

“I understand there’s pain, I understand there’s economic challenges,” said Shemin. “Housing seems unaffordable to everybody, people work and they don’t seem to get ahead with their job.”

However, he said, “I grew up very poor and I moved out of my house when I was 15, and I had no money until I was 27 or 28. And I blamed everybody. I blamed the economy, I blamed rich people, I blamed the government. And then one day, my mentor told me, ‘Robert, take responsibility. The minute you take responsibility for yourself, everything will change.’”

“People, instead of blaming others – the economy of the government – they have to ask the question, ‘How can I? What can I do to change things?’” added Shemin. “Take your power back. When you blame other people you’re giving your power up.”

He emphasized, “I’ve never met anybody who protested against something that made something happen. Instead of saying what you’re against, say what you’re for.”

“Anyone can start a business. Anyone can get an extra job. Anyone can make a budget. Anyone, if they want to, can buy a house,” said Shemin. “The first thing is attitude.”

He added that the key, besides believing that you can, is also to dare.

“You have to dare. You have to get over your fear and take action. The minute you take positive actions you feel better.”

Shemin held a workshop last week at the Herods hotel in Tel Aviv and will be holding a second workshop this week (Tuesday).

How Come THAT idiot is rich and I’m NOT?
How Come THAT idiot is rich and I’m NOT? PR Photo