'Suicide bombers are a candle'
'Suicide bombers are a candle'PA TV Fatah / Courtesy of PMW

The Palestinian Authority's official television station last month honored terrorists whose bodies were handed over in a goodwill gesture by Israel.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) had held a special burial ceremony for the suicide bombers, whose funeral was covered by PA TV (Fatah) on June 1.

Film clips of the event were monitored and translated by media watchdog organization the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

A PA TV reporter described the funeral of two of the terrorists Ali Ja'ara and Muhammad Za'ul, whose bodies were returned by Israel, as follows:

"This is Palestine, which embraces its martyr sons, who are more honored than all of us, and which sends a message to the whole world that its martyrs are not numbers, but rather a candle that lights the tunnel of liberty for the Palestinian people on the way to independence.”

Ali Ja'ara carried out a suicide bombing on a bus in Jerusalem in January 2004, murdering 11 people.

Muhammad Za'ul carried out a suicide bombing on a bus in Jerusalem a month later, killing eight others.

According to the Palestinian Authority's official terminology guide, as translated by the PMW, PA Arabs and media writers are instructed never to use the term “suicide bomber.” The term is instead replaced by “Martyrdom Seeker.”

It is also official PA policy to glorify terrorists as heroes and role models, as is seen by the naming of public squares and other venues after bloodthirsty murderers who kill Israelis and others.