National Union, Jewish Home sit together.
National Union, Jewish Home sit together.Public Relations

If the Jewish Home and National Union succeed in uniting and forming a single party, that party will receive 10 Knesset seats, a Panels Politics Institute Poll for the Knesset Channel has determined.

Should the two parties run separately, the National Union would garner 5 seats, up by one from its present number, while the Jewish Home would barely make it past the minimum required to enter the Knesset, and have three seats – as it does now.

If the religious Zionist parties fail to unite, 28% of religious Zionist voters would vote for Likud, with 22% voting for the Jewish Home and 16% voting for the National Union – which also receives a substantial number of votes from people outside the religious Zionist camp.

However, a united list would receive a whopping 53% of the religious Zionist votes, with Likud receiving only 15%.

It thus appears that a united religious Zionist front would enlarge the camp's representation I the Knesset and block the fragmentation of the camp's vote among the different parties, including Likud.