Edon Pinchot, a 14-year-old orthodox singer, has advanced to the semi-finals on “America’s Got Talent,” after receiving a standing ovation earlier in the week.

“For me, Edon, is the chosen,” said Howie Mandel, one of the three judges on NBC’s hit reality television show.

"Did you get a standing ovation at your Bar Mitzvah?" asked Mandel after Edon's performance.

“One of the chosen,” said host Nick Cannon.

Howard Stern, the second judge to place a vote, said that while Pinchot’s age worked against him in certain instances, he nonetheless decided to vote for him.

"You nailed every single note. You did a great job. You just are humble, you're nice and I love that about you. America is going to fall in love with you," Stern said.

Pinchot, dubbed the “Jewish Justin Beiber”, performed the song “Titanium”, created by David Guetta and Sia, in the quarterfinals of the competition. 

While Sharon Osborne did not officially get to vote for Pinchot or his competitor, Todd Oliver, she did not hold back her opinion. 

“Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt in my mind, I would have voted for Edon,” she said.

“You hit every single note. You sang with great emotion," Osbourne added.