Alex Traiman was among those expelled from their homes in Beit El this week. As he left, he sent a message to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, United States President Barack Obama, and the international community.

“I tell Mr. Netanyahu, I tell Mr. Obama, I tell Mr. Cameron… I tell all the leaders of the international community, in this very place: You will never move the Jews from this land of Israel,” he declared.

“We are back after 2,000 years of longing,” he continued. “We’re fulfilling the promise that we made to G-d on this mountain.”

The eviction took place on the very mountain where God told the Biblical patriarch Yaakov (Jacob) that the land of Israel would belong to him and his descendants, Traiman pointed out.

Another resident told reporters that despite her sorrow over the eviction, she takes comfort in the outpouring of support from Beit El and from around the country. “Our nation is incredible, and beautiful, and at times like this we just become stronger,” she said.