A man runs for cover from incoming rockets so
A man runs for cover from incoming rockets soReuters

Terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza continued their “ceasefire war” Tuesday morning and fired a Kassam rocket on a kibbutz chicken barn, causing damage but no physical injuries.

The rocket exploded in the area of Sderot, located less than a mile from northern Gaza.

This week’s unannounced ceasefire, similar to dozens of others the past several years, resulted in a relative quiet after last week’s massive barrage of more than 150 Grad Missiles, Kassam rockets and mortar shells.

Israel has refrained from any massive retaliation this week and has restricted itself to filing another complaint to the United Nations over missile and rocket attacks on civilians.

As in the past, mainstream media have reported that the rocket and missiles usually caused no damage but did not note the minor miracles of the explosions often taking place only several feet from homes. The Iron Dome anti-missile system shot down at least five oncoming missiles on the port city of Ashkelon.

One rocket last week fell in the yard of a home at a kibbutz, causing damage to the home. Several people were wounded in a separate attack.

The peak of the latest attacks was last Wednesday, when Hamas and other terrorists launched 69 missiles and rockets on southern Israel. The previous day, 47 attacks were recorded.

Another 36 missiles and rockets were launched during the next three days.

The phenomenon of an escalation of missile attacks, quick but restrained IDF retaliation, followed by “relative calm” and un-honored “ceasefires” has become an established routine.