Tel Aviv protesters Saturday night
Tel Aviv protesters Saturday night Israel news photo: Flash 90

Protesters broke bank windows and battled each other as anarchy hijacked the left-wing “social justice” movement in Tel Aviv Saturday night.

Demonstrators experienced first-hand police violence that usually is reserved for nationalist protests, but unlike reports of right-wing protests, mainstream media were generally sympathetic to the protesters.

The violent arrest of social justice leader Daphne Leef on Friday angered her followers to the nth degree, sparking larger demonstrations of more than 2,000 people, some of whom turned against each other in physical altercations among the social justice activists.

Voice of Israel government radio sympathetically interviewed activists who detailed police brutality. The media outlet has constantly ignored police violence against nationalists and has condemned them for clashes with police who are “carrying out their duties” in middle-of-the-night expulsions of peaceful families from their homes in outposts,

Police arrested more than 85 people Saturday night, but commented that those responsible for the violence and smashing of bank windows do not represent the movement. Following hundreds of previous peaceful nationalist protests, police, mainstream media and leading politicians lumped together all nationalists with several "price tag” activists who have allegedly - none were ever actually caught -  burned mosques and attacked Palestinian Authority villages.

The social justice movement protests erupted after the city refused to give activists permits to erect a tent city and repeat last summer vacation's  demonstrations, which often disrupted routine life for citizens, and called for more housing and lower prices for everything from homes to cottage cheese.