Egyptian border
Egyptian borderReuters

The IDF Armored Division has moved closer to Israel's southern border following a terror attack Monday on contractors building a border fence.

A number of Merkava tanks were moved closer to the border with Egypt after two Palestinian Authority terrorists killed 36-year-old Said Phashpashe of Haifa, a father of four. A second worker was wounded as well.

Golani troops clashed with the terror cell, killing the operatives. It is believed that a third terrorist may have also been involved, but could have escaped back into the Sinai Peninsula.

The IDF later withdrew the tanks as soon as it was confirmed that the border was secured and no infiltrators remained on the Israeli side.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu commented Monday the attack would not stop Israel from completing the security fence.

"The attack was most likely aimed at Israeli citizens and against people who work on the security fence along the Egyptian border,” the prime minister pointed out.

"This barrier is meant both to prevent terrorism and also to prevent the entrance of infiltrators. Its construction is of supreme national interest,” he said.