The first plane full of illegal aliens being deported will leave Israel for South Sudan Sunday night.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the cabinet at its weekly meeting that an additional plane will leave next week. The operation to repatriate illegal work infiltrators to their countries of origin will be carried out "in an orderly and dignified manner," he explained.

"We are dealing with the problem of infiltrators by blocking their entry through the construction of a fence, hastening their repatriation or – in certain cases – sending them to third countries, and revoking the incentive for migration. This includes a series of steps".

"In the coming months we will complete the construction of the fence in the south, a main step that the Cabinet has decided upon, and it will be completed very soon. Also, we have halted the unacceptable practice in which infiltrators are taken from the border to Tel Aviv or any other part of the country. As of last week, any infiltrator that crosses the border will be placed in detention immediately, and this is in keeping with the new law that we passed, which allows infiltrators to be detained for years.  We are also building holding facilities to house tens of thousands of infiltrators until they can be sent out of the country.

"Last week the Knesset approved a new law that increased fines on those who employ infiltrators.  Infiltrators come here to work. If there is no work for them here, they will have no reason to come. But in any case, we will block their entry and hasten their deportation.

Netanyahu commended the "Oz" enforcement unit of the Population, Immigration and Border Authority (PIBA). "They do important work under difficult conditions," he said. "I ask them, and I am certain that this is how they operate, to continue treating humanely those infiltrators whom they detain. I also request this, in word and deed, from public officials."

Netanyahu's commendations comes too late for the Oz Unit's former commander Col. (res.) Tziki Sela, who was lynched by the leftist-manipulated media two years ago when the unit tried to enforce the law vis-à-vis illegal aliens. Sela had to resign and the flow of infiltrators continued uninterrupted. 

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