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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu promised on Wednesday that the problem of illegal infiltrators will be solved within a short time period.

Speaking at a meeting of the ministerial team on the development of Eilat, Netanyahu said, “The problem of infiltrators is now being dealt with. The fence will be finished in a few months. We will stop the flood of infiltrators. This week we passed in the Knesset a law to step up punishment of those employers who bring illegal infiltrators. We are now building holding facilities near the fence so that we will be able to move the infiltrators directly to detention for up to three years. We have also started actions to repatriate the illegal infiltrators to their countries of origin. We will solve the problem.”

A few hundred South Sudanese citizens have already signed an agreement to return to their native land following a nationwide crackdown by the government on illegal entry into the country.

About 280 South Sudanese citizens signed the documents between Tuesday and Wednesday, as police conduct a sweep through Israel, searching for those who had entered the country through the southern border illegally. Overnight Tuesday, another 100 illegal entrants were arrested in a sweep by police, dubbed Operation “Going Home” (“Chozrim HaBayita”).

Most of the arrests were made in the cities of Tel Aviv and Eilat, both of which have been inundated with African illegals for several years. On Sunday, a direct flight is scheduled to bring nearly 200 of the illegals back to their home country of South Sudan, which is now an independent nation and is no longer considered unsafe.

The Defense Ministry announced last week that it will begin construction of facilities that will be able to hold 20,000 to 25,000 infiltrators.

The facilities will be built in southern Israel and will be managed by the Israel Prisons Service (IPS) and the Interior Ministry.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai (Shas) has ordered the creation of a special task force to solve Israel's illegal immigration problem.

"I set my agenda, my top priorities, for the coming year and I intend to do everything possible to solve the problem of illegal immigration to the State of Israel," Yishai said when he announced the task force's creation.

“Our goal,” he stressed, “is a state without illegal aliens.”