גבעת האולפנה
גבעת האולפנהפלאש90

The planned demolition of homes in Beit El’s Ulpana neighborhood was the result of human error, a senior legal source said Friday, speaking to Arutz Sheva.

“There was a series of errors that brought the Supreme Court justices to decide as they did,” he said.

“Many mistakes have been made throughout the history of the Jewish people,” he added. “Sometimes there is no choice but to pay the price.”

He related a story from when he served as a soldier in one of Israel’s wars. His unit accidently walked into an enemy trap, and many died. “I hope you understand what I’m hinting at,” he said. “There are mistakes – that’s a part of life, unfortunately.”

Earlier in the week Minister Benny Begin made similar remarks. “A minister is only human, and sometimes not even that,” he said. “We are not immune to mistakes. But there must be a framework in which we operate.”

“We went to the Supreme Court in an attempt to get a different verdict regarding the five buildings, but we did not get what we wanted, and they did not grant our request,” Begin continued. “I believe the judges were mistaken.”