Border with Egypt
Border with Egypt Israel news photo: Flash 90

Egypt has ceased the production of a film for allegedly promoting the normalization of relations with Israel, Al-Ahram reported.

Mohamed Kenawy who wrote the film’s script, denied the accusation and said the film, titled Regheef Aish (Loaf of Bread), promotes peace and cooperation among all people regardless of sex, race and religion.

The story, which revolves around an Egyptian, a ‘Palestinian’ and an Israeli, examines life in the Arab world.

The film had been under production for two months before the production was halted.

The film stars Amr Saad, Jommana Murad, Marwa, Kinda Aloush, Afaf Shoeib, and Salah Abdallah.

Relations between Israel and Egypt were marked by a persistent state of war since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948. Then, in 1979, under the leadership of Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat, the two countries signed a historic peace agreement, in which Israel withdrew its civilians and armed forces from the Sinai Peninsula, relinquishing it to Egyptian control. In return, Egypt agreed to a normalization of ties with Israel. Egypt also agreed to leave the area demilitarized, allow Israeli ships though the Suez Canal and recognize of the Straits of Tiran and the Gulf of Aquaba as international waterways. A “cold peace” has existed between the two countries since. 

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