Circumcision for Jewish baby saved from Arabs
Circumcision for Jewish baby saved from Arabs Photo: Yad L'Achim

An Arab who fathered a baby with a Jewish woman rejected keeping him six months later, and he brought the boy to the mother, who had fled, and said, “This boy is Jewish. I don’t want him.”

The bizarre story was revealed by the anti-missionary Yad L'Achim organization, which also works to rescue Jewish women from Arab homes where they often are captive.

The baby boy, now a circumcised Jew and in the hands of his mother, was born during the Sukkot holiday last year, when an anonymous nurse alerted Yad L’Achim that a young Jewish woman seems to be suffering anguish over the birth of her boy, fathered by an Arab.

Yad L'Achim tried unsuccessfully to track down the woman, working on the basis of skimpy information that the nurse legally is not allowed to release. A further appeal for information was too late because the mother already had left the hospital.

The case fell into limbo until last March, when a woman in southern Israel told Yad L’Achim that her daughter feared for her life and had managed to escape from an Arab village but had to leave behind her six-month old boy.

The mother thought she would be able to retrieve her child, but the Arab father refused. He told her, "Forget about the child, and don’t dare ask me again about him. This child will grow up with me and only with me.”

While Yad L’Achim studied what it could do to retrieve the boy, the Arab suddenly changed his mind and surprised the mother by appearing at her parents'  house with the baby two Fridays ago, the eve of the Sabbath and a day before the Shavuot holiday.

Holding the baby in his hands, he said he did not want a Jewish child. He left, and the boy has since been circumcised.