Mass burial for vicitims of artillery shelli
Mass burial for vicitims of artillery shelliReuters/Shaam News Service

Whoever loses in Syria will get slaughtered, says Middle East expert Guy Bechor, who sees the struggle going on for years – and to Israel’s benefit.

So far, the world censures Syrian President Bashar Assad, who continues to gun down his own people, including children, with Russia in his court. Russia, probably trying to avoid being blamed for the use of Russian-made weapons against dozens of children killed Sunday and Monday, argued that the murders must have been carried out by terrorists.

Even in Assad falls from power, “There will be new generals and there will be new gangs," Dr. Bechor told Army Radio Monday.  

“Whoever loses in the struggle in Syria will be slaughtered, and therefore no one can afford to try to take over the regime,” he said.

Dr. Bechor, a former consultant to the IDF and Foreign Ministry, said the instability will linger on for several years because “Syria is bubbling over, the struggle is bitter, and this is a game with zero results. There are a lot more heads that will roll."

The situation is not good for Israel because the regime will try to entangle Israel in its internal problems, adds Dr. Bechor. “Let’s not be naïve,” he adds. “Every day, Assad’s generals are asking themselves if it is time to entangle Israel, and that is their tool to keep for the last stages of the struggle.”