UN Car passes poster of Arafat in Bethlehem
UN Car passes poster of Arafat in Bethlehem Reuters

Palestinian Authority forces threatened to break press cameras, and barred coverage of British supermodel Naomi Campbell’s visit to Bethlehem Tuesday.

She celebrated her 42nd birthday with a trip to the Church of Nativity in the city, located between Jerusalem on the north and Gush Etzion and to the south, amid a call for “good vibrations, not destruction” in the region.

Either at her own request or through the initiative of the Palestinian Authority, journalists were warned by private and Palestinian Authority guards to keep their distance, drawing a stern protest from the Freedom Committee of the PA Journalist. The complaint is one of a growing number of appeals from international journalists on Palestinian Authority restrictions.

The Freedom Committee expressed “anger and resentment” at Palestinian Authority security forces who threatened to confiscate and break cameras.  

Campbell’s visit apparently was made in relatively secrecy, and she was escorted by her private security bodyguards as well as Palestinian Authority guards during her tour of Bethelhem, which is under full control of the PA.

She did not refer to the threats on journalists and instead told the Associated Press she hopes that “weapons and war [and] greed and oil will end. The news agency also reported that as she ate in a Bethlehem restaurant, Palestinian Authority officials threatened to punish employees who talked with journalists.

Campbell also visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem.