Contempt for the Torah
Contempt for the TorahTel Zion

Members of the Tehilat David congregation in Tel Zion arrived at sunrise on Tuesday to find the synagogue had been burglarized and three Torah scrolls thrown on the ground.

Tehilat David caretaker Rabbi Shai Dabush said that the burglars left nothing unopened. Cabinets, charity boxes, and the ark where the Torah scrolls were stored were all broken open.

"When we discovered the break in, we saw an open window," Rabbi Dabush said. "Apparently the burglars forced it open and entered there. Under the window they left the screen. We found three Torah scrolls thrown on the floor in contempt, one was desecrated and torn."

"They also broke open the charity boxes," Dabush said. "This is probably why they came, to take the money."

Dabush called the police who have launched an investigation. Sources say investigators believe the vandals are PA Arabs from nearby al-Birah. Police, however, stress the investigation is not yet complete.

Tel Zion is a religious Jewish community in the Binyamin region of Samaria (Shomron). It lies between Beit El and Ramah.

The Arab village of al-Birah, a suburb of Ramallah, is less than ten minutes away.