MK Orbach
MK OrbachIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Jewish Home faction chairman MK Uri Orbach held a news conference with Naftali Bennett at the Knesset Tuesday and announced he is endorsing Bennett to head the Jewish Home / National Religious Party.

Bennett and Orbach will be running on the same ticket in the Jewish Home / NRP's primaries.

An officer in the elite Sayeret Matkal unit and a very successful hi-tech entrepreneur, Bennett announced he would form his own party but changed his mind when the early elections were called off and said he would run within the Jewish Home.

"Zionism needs to be placed back where it rightfully belongs by turning into a medium-sized party," Orbach said. "We need Naftali and people like him in politics. Naftali is the right person to head the Jewish Home / New NRP. Naftali knows where to go. It is time to lead in all the issues that are on the State of Israel's agenda."

"Together with other people, we can put the party back in its natural place. I call upon people to join the party," he said.

Bennett said: "We are headed toward a revolution. The alternative is to go for a revolution, and turn for a home for the religious [only] to a party for all Israelis, religious, secular and women."

"We need to turn to all of Israel. There is only one place in which we are sectorial – in politics. The public is no longer there and it is going toward the Likud."

"We will unite with the National Union and be one party, non-sectorial, that will influence society and the agenda in Israel."