Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Reuters

A museum dedicated to Albert Einstein, the German theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity, will be built in Jerusalem, the Israeli Cabinet unanimously approved on Sunday.

The museum will be built on the campus of the Hebrew University in Givat Ram.

The government allocated approximately $260,000 for the initial planning stages of the museum, set to be built on the Givat Ram campus of Hebrew University.

“This is not just a tourist matter," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after Sunday’s vote. "This is an issue of the greatest value that will grant recognition to the sparks of genius that were hidden in our people and which broke through with Einstein.”

In his will, Einstein left his personal papers and intellectual copyrights, as well as the right to use his image, to Hebrew University.

In March, the university launched an updated and expanded version of their Einstein Archives website, which contains a complete catalogue of more than 80,000 documents.