Musical Jerusalem Day on the Light Rail
Musical Jerusalem Day on the Light Rail Courtesy of Citypass

Citypass, the company which operates the Jerusalem Light Rail, prepared a special surprise for passengers on Jerusalem Day.

Throughout the day, eight musicians from the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra played songs about Jerusalem and classical music for the passengers. Many of the passengers were pleased by the idea and chose to join in singing and clapping their hands.

In addition, Light Rail inspectors handed out festive balloons and candy to the passengers at the various stops.

Yehuda Shoshani, CEO of the Jerusalem Light Rail, told Arutz Sheva that the Light Rail is an important addition to the city.

“If you see the people [who use the Light Rail], see their faces, you’ll see members from all different religions,” he said. “There are different mentalities, people from different countries. This is the place where people feel better by talking to each other and being patient with one another. I think this is the most important contribution of the Light Rail.”