Celebrating in Ofakim
Celebrating in OfakimHillel Meir

Hundreds of young Zionist activists went south for the weekend to show their solidarity with residents of Ofakim. The group, organized by the Ichud Leumi (National Union) party’s Youth Leadership, held “flag dance” celebrations in honor of Jerusalem Day. Ichud Leumi was joined by activists from the Jewish Home party.

Several hundred Ofakim residents joined in as well, bringing the total number of celebrants to over 1,000.

Youth Leadership head Assaf Danoch told Arutz Sheva that residents of Ofakim had reached out for support, and the National Union youth were glad to provide it. “We saw great importance in supporting residents of the south,” he said. “The dancing brought light to people’s eyes and brought hope for a more normal reality.”

Danoch expressed frustration over the situation in the city. “It’s outrageous that every few months Hamas fires rockets and shuts down the whole south,” he said.

MK Michael Ben-Ari (Ichud Leumi) joined the event, as did Rabbi Avinoam Horvitz. “We are the party of Jerusalem, we are the movement of Jerusalem, and we must move the country forward. We will grow strong and be strengthened in the name of Jerusalem,” Ben-Ari said.

Yaron Bunfed of the Garin Torani “Torah seed group” in Ofakim said the group will continue to be active in the city, and called for new families to come and “join a young, idealistic community.”