Violence at Amona
Violence at Amona Israel news photo: Flash 90

The state will pay NIS 45,000 in compensation to Benny Rahamin, an evictee from Neveh Dekalim, who was beaten for no reason by a Yasam unit officer and badly injured in 2005.

The incident occurred at a demonstration that was held less than two weeks before the Disengagement was carried out.

On August 4, 2005, Rahamin – who lived at Neveh Dekalim – was waiting at the Kisufim roadblock to pick up his daughter, as a demonstration took place at the junction. Yasam policemen told him and several other people who were standing near him to cross the road to the other side. Rahamin, who is partly disabled and has difficulty walking, tried to cross the road but advanced more slowly than the other people.

The officer became enraged and punched him in the face. Rahamin fell to the ground bleeding, and his glasses broke. He was left barefoot and wounded on the ground. The policeman then dragged him to the local police station, while threatening to "break his bones." Rahamin was arrested and was only released on the following day.

The incident left Rahamin badly traumatized and his medical condition worsened.

Rahamin was represented by Attorney Yaakov Menkin on behalf of the Human Rights in Yesha organization, which is headed by Orit Strook.