Aerial view of Capitol Hill
Aerial view of Capitol Hill Israel news photo: US gov't / public domain

A little-known Nebraska rancher came from behind to grab a GOP nomination for the Senate in a primary race in the Midwestern state.

The victory of State Senator Deb Fischer over Attorney General Jon Bruning came partly as a result of outside financial support, according to Politico columnist David Catanese.  

But she was stuck to the high road and maintained a positive tone in her campaign strategy, while Bruning aimed barbs at his other competitors, who also included State Treasurer Don Stenberg.

Fischer will face off against former Democratic Senator Bob Kerry in November as they fight for the spot left open by retiring Senator Ben Nelson.

Even though Fischer is a relative newcomer to the national scene, recent polls show that she is a significant threat to Kerry, and the state holds a Republican majority population.

That will allow the GOP to reduce by one the number of states it must work to win if the Republicans are to win back the Senate in the upcoming national elections in November.

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