Flagdance (file)
Flagdance (file) Israel news photo: Flash 90

The traditional Jerusalem Day flag parade celebrating the reunification of Israel's capital sparked one tweet comparing the march with neo-Nazis in Skokie.

The parade, which moves around the entire Old City of Jerusalem and then through and around from one side to the other, culminates at the Western Wall Plaza, where there will be singing, dancing, speeches and concerts.

However, far-left B'Tselem organization executive director Jessica Montell tweeted Wednesday, “Right-wing march to pass through East Jerusalem, despite past spats... My 1st association: Neo-Nazis march in Skokie”

The march takes place in two separate groups, divided by gender, both of which will be monitored by security personnel in order to ensure no violence breaks out. Tens of thousands of marchers, many of whom were members of national religious Zionist organizations, were present last year to celebrate the unification of Jerusalem.

The spokesperson for the English-speaking division of the Yisrael Beytenu party, called the neo-Nazi comparison “absolutely outrageous,” saying it reflected “an ill-informed, insensitive and extremist point of view.

"Montells' comments reflect a position which sees Zionism and patriotic sentiments as somehow evil or wrong.”

He added that statements and reports by the B'Tselem organization are often taken as factual evidence around the world, noting that it was clear with “the recent European Union Foreign Minister's statement how much of their work is accepted at face value.”

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