Israel showed off an “irrigation calculator” at the international Agri-Tech Expo Tuesday to encourage water-efficient gardening.

Infrastructures Minister Uzi Landau and Water Authority officials were on hand at their pavilion at the Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds to explain the calculator, which determines exactly how much water is needed for a garden.

The pavilion, which revolves around the theme "climate compatible gardening", includes a large garden that grows a variety of plants with little use of water, saving both water and money.

Landau said, “Israel has made many achievements in saving water thanks to design and technology, but  the public also has played a large part in stabilizing the water industry” by reducing its use of water.

The pavilion shows that anyone can cultivate a garden compatible with the Israeli climate and still play a part in conservation by planting trees that use less water.

“We see great importance to solutions and measures that ensure a green country using  far less water,” Landau added.