Minister of Water and Energy Uzi Landau (Yisrael Bateinu) on Tuesday told Arutz Sheva that annual Nakba Day violence begins in Israel's universities.

"If Jews are promoting it... standing in respect for the Nakba Day in the heart of Tel Aviv, in the University of Tel Aviv... This is already throwing stones," Landau said.

These are stones thrown "from Tel Aviv, by our own people on ourselves," he continued. "Why are we surprised that this is what Arabs are doing in Beit Lechem, wherever there is? We seem to be without dignity."

Landau told Arutz Sheva that only a "sick" person could understand what he descibed as the ludicrous behavior of Jewish students and professors who mourn their own nation's victory by honoring Nakba Day.

"Now, do you imagine for example, that last week on the 9th of May, when the world was commemorating the victory over Nazi Germany," Landau asked, that "in Britain, for example, you would see Cambridge University holding a ceremony in memory of the German Nazi soldiers who lost their lives?

"Or do you think that the Russian government would promote an event in Moscow, just standing in respect for the lost Nazi empire?

"This is ludicrous. Only those who are sick can understand the behavior of those students in Tel Aviv University who prefer to respect those who suffered in the Nakba.

"If they had won the war in 1948, we wouldn't be here today," Landau explained.

Nakba Day (The Day of Catastrophe) marches are conducted on the Roman calendar date marking Israel's inception (May 15), while Israel celebrates its independence on the Hebrew calender date (6 Iyar).

On Tuesday one Arab member of Israel's Knesset, MK Tala El-Sana went so far as to say "The Nakba is equivalent to the Destruction of the First and Second Temples."

While organizers consistently claim Nakba Day protests will be nonviolent, most have traditionally devolved into riotous violence.

On Tuesday, Israeli security forces clashed with rioters who attacked soldiers, police, and paramedics in several locations in Judea and Samaria.

Security forces – in response to hurled stones and firebombs, burning tires rolled at security lines, and explosives – responded with rubber bullets, tear gas, and other riot control measures.

At least three IDF soldiers and one Border Police officer were injured in clashes with rioters. Scores of Arabs from Palestinian Authority enclaves were injured as well.