Pro-Israel Israel news photo: Flash 90

The website, which operates the online Arutz 7 store selling Jewish goods, has launched a “Shop-a-Fada" site, a play on the word “intifada,” to counter the boycott movement.

Tal Brody, a former Israeli basketball star who is a native American, is acting as a spokesman for the new campaign to encourage people to buy Israeli goods, especially those manufactured or shipped from Judea and Samaria.

The anti-Israel boycott movement has cost Judea and Samaria businesses millions of dollars in sales, mostly to Europe.

“Shop-a-Fada" is just how it sounds, a creative and dynamic worldwide effort to buy Israeli products and prove to Israel’s enemies once and for all that the Jewish state has unwavering international support,” the website states.

It offers more than 8,000 products from more than 100 Israeli manufacturers.  

"Shop-a-fada" said that the website campaign “is a direct response to those forces around the world who hope to destroy the flourishing Jewish state through hate-filled campaigns focused on boycotting Israeli goods…"

“Rather than use the dangerous tools our enemies employ to try and destroy Israel, our campaign will allow each and every person who values the existence of Israel to make a purchase and benefit from top-quality Israeli-made goods while supporting our country.

“The name shop-a-fada is loosely based on the idea of the Palestinian intifada, using a tongue-in-cheek way to show how the same ideals of passion for a cause can be used to demonstrate love and solidarity, rather than hatred."

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