Cyclists' parade for the veterans
Cyclists' parade for the veterans Abyss Ghosts

May 9, the date of the capitulation of Nazi Germany to the Soviet Union in the Second World War, was marked this week.

In Israel, May 9 has been recognized since 2000 and is marked by honoring those war veterans who fought in the war.

One special May 9 event took place in the central Israel city Petah Tikva, where a festive parade to mark this great day was held. 

Taking part in the parade were motorcycles and vehicles from the same time period as World War II, accompanied by dozens of motorcyclists and local residents. The parade was organized by a local biker club called Abyss Ghosts MC and the old vehicles were provided courtesy of 5 Club, an Israeli vintage car club. The city of Petah Tikva sponsored the parade.

The main purpose of the parade was to honor and thank the veterans who are still among the living and to show them that the May 9 celebrations are still alive and will continue to live for many years.

The Abyss Ghosts MC motorcyclists club has been organizing the May 9 events for three years. The annual parade is not-for-profit and is held simply for the purpose of raising awareness about this important event in world history.