Protest against communism
Protest against communism New Liberal Movement in Israel

The New Liberal Movement in Israel held on Tuesday a counter-protest to the rally that was held in Tel Aviv in honor of International Workers’ Day which is marked on May 1.

The leftist rally turned into a call to bring back last summer’s social protest and to overthrow the government. The purpose of the New Liberal Movement’s protest was to remind Israelis that socialism and communism, which are identified with International Workers’ Day, could have disastrous consequences.

“We came here to commemorate more than 100 million victims of the socialistic agenda in the 20th century,” Boaz Arad, co-founder of the New Liberal Movement, told Arutz Sheva. “This is the forgotten Holocaust which we, as Jews, should remember and remind others about.”

He added, “There is a lot of enthusiasm towards Marxism and communism among these protesters and they are starting to go down the road for self-doom.”

“100 million people died because of communism, and people don’t know that communists today are involved with extreme Islam,” said protest participant Tomer Tal. “Communism today took side with the Muslim Brotherhood and we see it all over the world.”

A confrontation later broke out when the leftists arrived at Rabin Square, where the counter-protesters were gathered.

The leftists began insulting and cursing the anti-communism protesters, as the video below shows. The leftists were shouting things like “Kahane is dead”, “Go back to Auschwitz” and “Jerusalem is in Jordan, Jerusalem is not in Europe, Jerusalem is in Jordan.”

One of the leftists is seen telling a counter-demonstrator, “It’s too bad you weren’t killed in the Holocaust.”