Celebration in Bruchin
Celebration in BruchinIsrael news photo

Residents of Bruchin in Samaria had a particularly happy Independence Day this year after the government sorted out legal problems preventing the community’s authorization just days earlier. Their joy grew further when Government Secretary Tzvi Hauser paid a surprise visit to express his support.

The community had invited Samaria Regional Council head Gershon Mesika as a guest of honor for Independence Day events. Mesika called before his arrival and told residents he would be a little late, but would bring a surprise to make up for it.

The surprise turned out to be Hauser, who had come directly from the state ceremony on Har Herzl in Jerusalem. Residents greeted him with song and dance. Hauser quickly joined in the festivities, and witnesses said he was clearly quite happy.

Hauser was among those who pushed for the authorization of Bruchin along with the communities of Rachelim and Sansana. He told the community that he became aware of the need to act thanks to a tour organized by the Samaria Regional Council two years ago.

Hauser’s display of support comes as the United States and European Union criticize the decision to legalize the communities. The EU even called to reverse the decision, arguing that the existence of Bruchin and other Israeli communities in Samaria is a violation of international law.