Raed Salah
Raed SalahFlash 90

Sheikh Raed Salah is back in Israel, and making trouble. The rabble rousing sheikh from Umm El Fahm took part Thursday in a march protesting Israel's victory in the 1948 Independence War, and the fact that Arabs lost some territory as a result of their defeat.

Several thousands of people reportedly took part in the march in the Galilee, including Knesset Members Ahmed Tibi and Jamal Zahalka.

Salah spent about ten months in Britain before returning to Israel just ten days ago. Some of his time in Britain was spent in jail, after he successfully entered the country despite being banned from doing so. He was released from jail when it was found he had entered legally but had to obey a curfew and was not permitted to speak in public for the rest of his stay in Britain.

The marchers held PLO flags and black flags, as well as signs with the names of Arab villages that were abandoned in 1948. MK Zahalka said: "Independence Day is our Nakba [disaster]."