Intel's Israel branch launches new chip
Intel's Israel branch launches new chipReuters

Israel once again lives up to its name as the Middle East’s “Silicon Valley” as Intel-Israel launches its new 3G Ivy Bridge processor chip.

Computers run faster with the new quad-core processor, which was developed in Israel and the United States, and the chip is the first in the world to be produced by 22-nanometer technology for sophisticated three-dimensional transistors.

"The Ivy Bridge processor is not only manufactured with new production technology, but also enables computers to run and respond faster," said Intel VP General Manager Microprocessor and Chipset Development Group Roni Friedman.

The Ivy Bridge processor also improves computer storage while using less power, allowing computers to respond faster.

"Thanks to Ivy Bridge, users can send photographs faster from the camera to the computer, or upload video clips on to Facebook,” according to Friedman.

Intel also launched its Panther Point chipset, which supports the USB 3.0 port standard that allows transferring media files ten times faster than the USB 2.0 port standard, Globes reported.

"Intel's Ivy Bridge has succeeded in demonstrating a 50-100% improvement compared with the Sandy Bridge processor in sending video files," Friedman added.