Maaleh Hazeitim
Maaleh HazeitimMaaleh Hazeitim, w/ Temple Mt. in backgroun

A terrorist hurled seven firebombs at Jewish homes Sunday night in Maaleh HaZeitim, on Jerusalem's Mount of Olives.  

The terrorist's face was covered. He came carrying ten firebombs and managed to throw seven of them at ground floor apartments in the compound, causing a fire to break out in one of them. The compound's security guards identified the terrorist and fired in the air, causing him to flee.

MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) said Monday that police arrived on the scene and proceeded to question the security men over their decision to fire in the air. "The Commander of the Jerusalem District deserves to be sacked for a lot less than that," said Eldad.

Eldad wrote to the Minister of Public Security and asked him to reissue the instructions on opening fire, and to clarify that a firebomb is a deadly weapon and that whoever uses it should be fired at, with intention to hit him.

"The worst outcome of all would be if the terrorist who meant to burn Jews in their sleep will continue his actions while the security men who dared to protect the residents' lives are sacked from their jobs," he added.