Anti-Israeli anarchists fought police at airports in Brussels and Paris after being denied permission to fly to Israel Sunday. Several were arrested.

Air France, Lufthansa and British Airways previously announced the cancellation of more than 400 reservations. The anarchists threatened to sue the airline companies.

The “fly-in,” which has been hyped by mainstream media and particularly those in Israel hoping for demonstrations that would embarrass the Netanyahu government, so far has been a disaster for promoters.

Only a handful of activists managed to land at  Ben Gurion Airport, several of them having arrived on an El Al flight. Approximately 40 had been arrested by 3 p.m. Sunday, and more are expected to arrive by evening.

One activist was a Portuguese citizen who arrived from Jordan and who was arrested when he landed after the pilot indentified him as causing a disturbance on a Royal Jordanian Airlines flight.

A Canadian who arrived from the United States also was arrested on after landing on an American Airlines flight.