On April 9, 1995, Khaled Mohammed Khatib rammed his vehicle into Israeli Egged Bus No. 36 in Kfar Darom.  The collision set off the bomb in his car, killing seven Israelis, an American college student, and wounding another 60 passengers.

Islamic Jihad celebrated the attack, which they called a “great achievement,” reported the Challah Hu Akbar blog, who translated the original Arabic source into English.

The terrorist’s family said they were proud of his actions and Islamic Jihad released a video celebrating the attack.

Islamic Jihad claims that that the attack killed 10 “Zionist Soldiers,” the blog noted.

Alisa Flatow, one of victims of the attack, was a student at Brandeis University, spending a year of study in Jerusalem at the time.

The New York Times quoted her father as saying, “Alisa loved the Jewish people, the Torah and the land of Israel… She believed in the good inherent in all people. She believed she was safe in Israel and no one could dissuade her from that belief… Her lasting contribution to the people of Israel is that her organs were donated for the saving of lives in need.”

In 1988, the Flatow family sued the government of Iran, and a Federal district judge ordered the Iranian government pay $247.5 million in damages.