Catherine Ashton
Catherine Ashton Reuters

The European Jewish Union and the European Jewish Parliament asked British Prime Minister David Cameron to “propose and actively pursue the termination of Catherine Ashton's term of office with immediate effect."

The Jewish organizations appealed to the Prime Minister to consider their petition, which calls for Lady Ashton, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, to “apologise or resign following her inappropriate comments on the horrific events that took place recently in Toulouse.”

Ashton drew parallels between the murder of four Jews in France and circumstances in Hamas-run Gaza.

"So far, this Petition has been signed by thousands throughout Europe, and increasing daily, and we believe that you will want to demonstrate yours and the Government's solidarity with the sentiments expressed in the Petition", the letter said.

The Jewish groups also recalled that while Ashton's term only comes to an end in 2014, the European Council has power to bring about her resignation.

"We would therefore ask you to propose and actively pursue the termination of her term of office with immediate effect before 2014. We would also ask you to make it abundantly clear to the Union that the British Government will not support any extension of her term when it ends", the letter continued.

The European Jewish Parliament was recently established in Brussels and is composed of 120 members from around 50 countries. The Council serves as a platform for European Jewry and aims at fighting anti-Semitism in Europe.

The letter was signed by Joel Rubinfeld and Vadim Rabynovych, Co-Chairman of the European Jewish Parliament and Tomer Orni, Chief Executive Officer of the European Jewish Union.