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Jewish readers can now join the e-reader revolution by benefiting from the groundbreaking launch of, which says it is the largest Jewish digital library, featuring hundreds of popular Jewish books by leading publishers in both Hebrew and English.

The founder of the project, Rabbi Yossi Levy, had a dream of taking a leap of faith into the e-reading market and of providing Jews everywhere with a wealth of Jewish information at their fingertips, with the click of a button.   

Rabbi Levy noted that while he believes Jewish e-Books will be a leader Jewish and religious markets, only recently did the idea become viable.

“Today everything’s changed; it’s a different market. There’s always been a huge demand for Jewish books and texts in e-book format. But not until the recent upsurge of competitive devices like iPad, Nook, and Sony Reader could we aggressively reach out to the market,” he said. 

Levy claimed that e-books, which are available on e-readers as well as laptop computers, are transforming the way in which people receive information and that such technology has changed the whole reading experience.

The initiative, which joins other leading Jewish online archives, will provide both the printed and digital book versions, allowing for greater reader flexibility, which will also solve the issue of reading from a digital device on Shabbat.

“Our customers are savvy…they want a one-stop shopping experience; we’ll give it to them: competitively priced Jewish E-Books, the latest devices, and everything they need to build their Jewish digital library,” Levy said.

For now, the site is offering a special “try-it-for-free” e-book offer. During the month of August will have a variety of e-books available for download at no coast.

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