Marks on the toddler's neck.
Marks on the toddler's neck.Rambam Spokesperson

A three year old girl nearly died Wednesday from strangulation when she played with a car's electric window, in the northern Arab village of Tamra. She was sitting in the back seat of her family's car and managed to reach the window and play with the electric button.

In the course of this game, her neck became caught between the window pane and the window frame. Her mother noticed what was happening and turned off the vehicle's motor. She then understood that this was not a good move, because she could not open the window to free her girl now. However, when she tried to do start the engine again, the car would not start.

The daughter was trapped and began to turn blue.

Luckily, a group of passersby saw what was happening. They lowered the window by using force, and extricated the girl. A doctor from the local medical clinic showed up and gave the girl initial treatment with oxygen. She was evacuated to Rambam Hospital, where her condition is defined as good. 

Tamar Zaafran of Beterem, an NGO concerned with child safety issues, reminded parents of some of the rules for safety with children:

-- Place children in safety seats that fit their size and age, and fasten their belt. This makes accidents with windows less likely – as well as protecting the child in case of a traffic accident.

-- Lock the back windows with the dashboard button that is intended for that.

-- Do not leave kids unattended in a car – not even for a second.