Muslim - Where will they be buried?
Muslim - Where will they be buried? Reuters

A growing Muslim population has led Sydney, Australia to set aside 6,000 more burial plots for Muslims, whose dead will be out of room in six months. Sydney also set aside 3,000 more plots for Jews.

Australian media reported that there are 350 burial every year at a local cemetery, and quoted

Muslim community leader Ahmad Kamaledine as saying, "For us as a Muslim community ... the news is overwhelming. In six months,  we had nowhere to go.

The Muslim community will receive half of the land available and use it for double-depth plots, while the other half will be used for Jewish single-burial plots.

"This solves a very pressing problem in relation to burial space, particularly for these two religious faiths," Government Minister Katrina Hodgkinson told reporters. "We're very short of plots for Muslim burials, and this has been seen as a very urgent issue for the…government."

An Australian business website reported two years ago a 10 year projection of what the Muslim community in the country will look like in 2020.

With a projected population of 21.4 million people, growth in traditional Western faiths will lag while  “the number of Muslims will experience enormous growth from 340,389 to 1.055 million by 2020.”

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