Protesters in Amman March 23, 2012
Protesters in Amman March 23, 2012 Reuters

Hundreds of Jordanians demonstrated on Friday against what they charged was “procrastination” on reform in the country, AFP reported.

According to the French news agency, more than 700 people marched in central Amman, waving national and Muslim Brotherhood flags.

They chanted, “Stop procrastinating on reform -- Jordan needs reform. The people want to reform the regime and put the corrupt on trial,” according to the report.

A spokesman for Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood, Jamil Abu Baker, later told AFP, “Procrastinating on reform will not help the regime and will not help the nation.”

He added, “We demand an elected government, a genuine fight against corruption and the security service being prevented from interfering in people's lives. These are the essentials of reform.”

Abu Baker said “protests will not stop, even if they take years, until the people feel real reforms are introduced.”

Jordan has seen relatively small but persistent Arab Spring-inspired demonstrations almost every week since January last year, AFP noted, demanding sweeping reforms and a tougher clampdown on corruption.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has promised Jordanians some reforms, including a “future” government that will be elected instead of appointed by the king. The king appoints his cabinet ministers and can dissolve parliament, which is elected by the people.

Those reforms have been slow in being implemented, and Middle East expert Dr. Assaf David of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem has said he believes the king’s intentions are neither serious nor genuine.

Earlier this week, Dr. David told Arutz Sheva he believes that even if King Abdullah is not overthrown, he is losing the public’s support and his decision-making ability is gradually being reduced.

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