Binyamin Netanyahu
Binyamin NetanyahuFlash 90

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday condemned the murder of four Jews outside the Otzar HaTorah school in Southern France.

The dead included Rabbi Gavriel Sandler of Jerusalem, his sons Aryeh, 6, and Gavriel, 3.5, and 8 year-old Miriam Monsonegro, daughter of the director of Ozar HaTorah.

"A loathsome murder of Jews – some of them children – took place in France today," Netanyahu said at the weekly Likud faction meeting.

"It is too early to know for certain what motivated this murderous crime, but we cannot rule out that a virulent and murderous anti-Semitism was at the heart of it," he said.

Netanyahu also expressed confidence in the French authorities, "I'm sure the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, whom I'll speak with later, and his cabinet will do everything to find the killer."

Sarkozy and his rivals in the current French presidential race rushed to Otzar HaTorah in Toulouse on Monday to condemn the shooting.

"I promise that the Israeli government will aid the French government in this task," Netanyahu added. "We would do it anyway – some of the victims were also Israeli citizens."

Netanyahu also used the attack as an opportunity to criticize the United Nations' skewed vision of human rights.

"I haven't heard any condemnation from the U.N., but one of its bodies, the human rights council, invited a representative of Hamas who condemned the U.S. for killing [Osama] Bin Laden and kills Jewish men, women and children," he said.

"This is who the UNHRC invites today," Netanyahu added. "I have one thing to say to the UNHRC. What do you have to do with human rights? You should be ashamed of yourself!"