Danny Danon
Danny DanonIsrael news photo: Likud

The murder of a Jewish teacher and three children at the entrance of  the Ozar HaTorah Jewish day school in Toulouse flashes a “red light” for Jews in the Diaspora, Likud Knesset Member Danny Danon said Monday.

The killer was identified by eyewitnesses as a Muslim, who was riding a motorbike and shot two revolvers. Two of the children who were murdered were the sons of the teacher. It was the third shooting by a motorcyclist in France in the past week, and racism is assumed to be the motive of the murderer.

MK Danon, chairman of the Knesset Aliyah and Absorption Committee, said he is initiating an emergency discussion in the Knesset.

“We will not allow the pogroms of the early 20th century to return to Europe,” he said. “The attack on a Jewish school sets off a red light to all of the People of Israel. Every nation in the world must unite against actions against the Jewish People and act to eliminate terror and anti-Semitism that has been planted around the world."

French Ambassador to Israel Christopher Bigot will attend the Knesset sessions, the legislator said.

MK Danon said he visited Jewish schools in Paris last month and raised the question of security for Jewish children.

There were 389 reported acts of anti-Semitism in France last year, according to the French Jewish CRIF organization.

France’s Chief Rabbi Gilles Bernheim told reporters he was “horrified” at Monday’s murders, which follow the killing of three soldiers in two separate shooting attacks by a  motorcyclist in the past week.