Fence along southern border / illustrative
Fence along southern border / illustrativeIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Israel has installed new radar systems on the Gaza border to eliminate blind spots and reduce infiltrations, the IDF says.

The new “Baron” and “Baroness” systems are equipped with a wide view scanning technology that eliminate the need to rotate like traditional radars. The systems can scan an entire section of the border and track multiple targets simultaneously, according to a post on the IDF blog.

In addition, the systems are sensitive to objects moving at low speeds – in fact, they can even pick up lizards and trees waving in the breeze.

The radar, made by Elta Systems, is based on technology that enables the equipment to simultaneously detect and track targets while constantly monitoring the area.

One system is being use to detect hazards approaching the security fence; the other is locating targets on foot and in vehicles, and to continually track their progress.