Light rail train, Jerusalem
Light rail train, Jerusalem Israel news photo: Flash 90

The 19-year-old soldier stabbed Thursday while riding the light rail train in Jerusalem is in better condition on Friday morning. Doctors have upgraded her status from “serious” to “moderate.”

The soldier suffered stab wounds to the hand and chest in the assault, and on Thursday was unconscious and attached to a respirator. She is now breathing independently and communicating with her family.

One stab wound was centimeters from her heart, doctors said.

Jerusalem teenager Yehuda Neemad was stabbed and seriously wounded in a terrorist attack in the Ramot neighborhood in October. He visited the soldier in Shaarei Tzedek Hospital to encourage her family. “I grew stronger from what happened to me, and I hope she will come out stronger too,” he told Maariv/nrg.

The attacker escaped the train after the stabbing, but was arrested shortly afterward at the Kalandia checkpoint north of Jerusalem. Police said they would respond to the attack “with prejudice.”