Released Terrorists
Released Terrorists Flash 90

A Hamas terrorist who participated in the bombing of Cafe Hillel in Jerusalem returned to cheering crowds in Gaza on Thursday after an "apartheid week" propaganda tour in South Africa.

According to the report, bomber Abd al-Aziz Muhammad Moussa Amr, who was released as a part of the deal to free Gilad Shalit, went to South Africa to use his story in the propaganda war against Israel.

Al-Azziz was born in 1960 in the Shafat neighborhood in Jerusalem. Blind from the age of 20, he completed his undergraduate studies at Bir Zeit University and a PhD in English literature at Hebrew University.

It was at Bir Zeit University that al-Azziz fell in with suicide bomber Ramez Fahmi Izz al-Din Ibn Salim, who killed 9 and wounded 50 when he blew himself up in Cafe Hillel on 9 September 2003.

Both were a part of the Hamas terror cell that planned and orchestrated the attack. On 19 January 2006, al-Azziz was sentenced to seven life sentences plus 30 years for his part in the attack.

After his release in October 2011, al-Aziz was exiled to Hamas-ruled Gaza.

During his South Africa tour, al-Aziz called for mass marches in Israel's borders  in order to "liberate Jerusalem and Palestine."

He also called for international pressure to aid in the release of his fellow terrorists from Israeli jails the release of terrorists in Israeli jails, whom he characterized as "political prisoners".

Israeli security analysts say al-Aziz's tour is further evidence of Hamas' deep involvement in the propaganda war being mounted against the Jewish state.

In media interviews, al-Aziz characterized himself as an "intellectual persecuted by Israel" for his views and refused to answer questions about his conviction in the Cafe Hillel bombing.

Al-Aziz's trip to South Africa was underwritten by two Hamas affiliates, the Al-Quds Foundation and Muslim Association Judicial Council (MJC), who are active in attempts to delegitimize Israel.

The MJC belongs to the Union of Good, which has been outlawed by Israel and the United States for aiding and funding the Hamas terror organization.