Smartphone (illustration)
Smartphone (illustration) Israel news photo: Flash 90

Sony Mobile's first smartphone, the Xperia S, will arrive in Israel in April, and it was officially presented at a special news conference on Wednesday. Arutz Sheva was there.

Sony’s products are popular in Israel and, during 2012, Sony Mobile plans to open four new concept stores across the country, which will be joining an existing store at the Ayalon Mall in Ramat Gan.

The new stores will offer smartphones, but also a large variety of unique accessories.

Antony Barounas, a Vice President at Sony Mobile’s customer unit, told Arutz Sheva that in terms of technology, Israel is the “best of the best.”

“The Israeli market for us at Sony is the second biggest market in terms of smartphones, on a worldwide basis,” said Barounas. “First is Singapore, second is Israel.”

The reason Israel ranking so high, he explained, is that Israelis always want the best and want it earlier than the rest of the market.

“You have a 78 percent penetration in the smartphone business, whereas in Europe it’s only 45,” said Barounas. “These are amazing numbers, and that’s why we’re here.”

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