Chief of Staff Benny Gantz meets new recruits
Chief of Staff Benny Gantz meets new recruitsIsrael news photo: Flash 90

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz met on Tuesday with the young recruits who will be joining the IDF’s Kfir anti-terror brigade.

Gantz spoke with the new soldiers about the responsibility that comes with being a part of the brigade, as well as about the IDF’s actions in the latest escalation in southern Israel. As terrorists fired more than 200 rockets at Israel, the IAF responded by targeting the cells firing the rockets.

During the bombardment from Gaza, the Iron Dome anti-missile system proved its usefulness, having intercepted 90 percent of the attacks on urban centers.

“As warriors, each person puts forth his personal best,” Gantz told the soldiers. “We work as a team, and therefore mutual assistance and mutual responsibility is not just a slogan. It’s something that’s important.”

He emphasized, “You’re warriors, you’re using force when there’s no other choice, when it’s necessary, and only the required force. You know how to distinguish between an enemy and an ordinary person on the other side who didn’t anything at that moment. We make every effort to only hit those who need to be hit, but sometimes, unfortunately, other people get hurt.”

“You should be proud that you chose to be warriors, that you volunteered for this service,” said Gantz. “You’re taking a risk. There are many people who serve in the army and do great things, and you are taking a risk. Remember that you’re going out to defend the country.”