Grad hits Be'er Sheva
Grad hits Be'er Sheva Israel news photo: Screenshot

Israel National Radio’s “News & Call-In” with Tamar Yonah held a special show on Monday with live coverage of the situation in southern Israel.

Gaza-based terrorists continued to fire rockets at southern Israel’s communities for the fourth day in a row on Monday. The IDF said that more than 200 rockets have been fired at Israel since the current escalation began on Friday, adding that the escalation marks a “dramatic development” in terms of the quantity and rate of the fire.

The show included an interview with Miriam Goodman, a Montreal native who now lives near Be’er Sheva, and who wrote a letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu after being fed up with the constant rocket attacks.

“You really never know when the other shoe is going to fall,” Goodman said during the program. “It could be the most gorgeous day and you’ll be doing whatever it is you’re doing and all of a sudden, out of the clear blue sky, you get that siren.

“My daughter’s greatest fear,” Goodman added, “is that her children will be playing outside when the siren sounds and she won’t know where they are. That is her absolute greatest fear.”

Goodman wrote Netanyahu in her letter, “We have had enough lip service from you… The buck stops at your desk.”

She said during the program, “I have a friend who told me just today that she’s afraid to go take a shower. She’s worried about what happens if the siren goes off while she’s in the shower? There are people who are just terrified and that’s not the way to live.”

Goodman added that the prime minister’s job is “to protect the citizens of the country, and he’s got to put his foot down.”

“I really believe that the government is afraid of bad publicity,” she said. “That’s why nothing is being done. I’m sure that if we would send in the ground troops and really clean up Gaza, the whole world would condemn us, and the government doesn’t want to face that.”

Goodman called on the Israeli government to take back Gaza and re-settle it.

“We have to move them off our land,” she said. “If we could disengage Jews, we could disengage Arabs. It’s probably something that would never happen, but we need to repopulate Gush Katif, build it again, have a lot of people living there and say that this is our land.”

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